W3C Link Checker


オンラインならばW3C Link Checkerのページへアクセスし、URLを入力するだけです。





$ perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install W3C::LinkChecker
Install it locally - W3C Link Checker Documentation


checklink options uris
$ checklink http://localhost/ -D 2


$ checklink --help
W3C Link Checker version 4.81 (c) 1999-2011 W3C

Usage: checklink <options> <uris>
 -s, --summary              Result summary only.
 -b, --broken               Show only the broken links, not the redirects.
 -e, --directory            Hide directory redirects, for example
                            http://www.w3.org/TR -> http://www.w3.org/TR/
 -r, --recursive            Check the documents linked from the first one.
 -D, --depth N              Check the documents linked from the first one to
                            depth N (implies --recursive).
 -l, --location URI         Scope of the documents checked in recursive mode
                            (implies --recursive).  Can be specified multiple
                            times.  If not specified, the default eg. for
                            would be http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/
 -X, --exclude REGEXP       Do not check links whose full, canonical URIs
                            match REGEXP; also limits recursion the same way
                            as --exclude-docs with the same regexp would.
 --exclude-docs REGEXP      In recursive mode, do not check links in documents
                            whose full, canonical URIs match REGEXP.  This
                            option may be specified multiple times.
 --suppress-redirect URI->URI  Do not report a redirect from the first to the
                            second URI.  This option may be specified multiple
 --suppress-redirect-prefix URI->URI  Do not report a redirect from a child of
                            the first URI to the same child of the second URI.
                            This option may be specified multiple times.
 --suppress-temp-redirects  Suppress warnings about temporary redirects.
 --suppress-broken CODE:URI  Do not report a broken link with the given CODE.
                            CODE is HTTP response, or -1 for robots exclusion.
                            This option may be specified multiple times.
 --suppress-fragment URI    Do not report the given broken fragment URI.
                            A fragment URI contains "#".  This option may be
                            specified multiple times.
 -L, --languages LANGS      Accept-Language header to send.  The special value
                            'auto' causes autodetection from the environment.
 -c, --cookies FILE         Use cookies, load/save them in FILE.  The special
                            value 'tmp' causes non-persistent use of cookies.
 -R, --no-referer           Do not send the Referer HTTP header.
 -q, --quiet                No output if no errors are found (implies -s).
 -v, --verbose              Verbose mode.
 -i, --indicator            Show percentage of lines processed while parsing.
 -u, --user USERNAME        Specify a username for authentication.
 -p, --password PASSWORD    Specify a password.
 --hide-same-realm          Hide 401's that are in the same realm as the
                            document checked.
 -S, --sleep SECS           Sleep SECS seconds between requests to each server
                            (default and minimum: 1 second).
 -t, --timeout SECS         Timeout for requests in seconds (default: 30).
 -d, --domain DOMAIN        Regular expression describing the domain to which
                            authentication information will be sent
                            (default: same host only).
 --masquerade "BASE1 BASE2" Masquerade base URI BASE1 as BASE2.  See the
                            manual page for more information.
 -H, --html                 HTML output.
 -?, -h, --help             Show this message and exit.
 -V, --version              Output version information and exit.

See "perldoc LWP" for information about proxy server support,
"perldoc Net::FTP" for information about various environment variables
affecting FTP connections and "perldoc Net::NNTP" for setting a default
NNTP server for news: URIs.

The W3C_CHECKLINK_CFG environment variable can be used to set the
configuration file to use.  See details in the full manual page, it can
be displayed with: perldoc checklink

More documentation at: http://validator.w3.org/docs/checklink.html
Please send bug reports and comments to the www-validator mailing list:
  www-validator@w3.org (with 'checklink' in the subject)
  Archives are at: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-validator/